about - tioleotaphoto
about - tioleotaphoto

My story is.... Your story!

As part of telling your story, I enjoy interacting and getting to know you. It's about what you see and have to say with your photos. I strive for simplicity and creativity in my work.

Like my taste in music, my work can vary across the board so no matter what your project is I'm open to exploring it with you.

I often visualise our home as if I'm looking through a lens. I see light, capturing it before it moves. I love to capture the raw emotion of an image and translate it to art.

My passions are food, coffee, family, music, sport and crazy adventures. I appreciate the simple pleasures in life such as walks and laughter, paddling our sea's, embracing our cafe culture amongst friends in our beautiful city of Wellington and New Zealand's country side. These are the small things that make up this beautiful world we live in.

Let's collaborate and create!